Building Young Patriots Program : Developing Young Kids into Leaders of Tomorrow

How do you want to see your child when he grows into an adult?

  • A recluse who cares for no one including you?
  • A rebel who hates everything including parents, government and society?
  • A highly successful person in business and money but a looser on family front and society?
  • A balanced and happy individual who cares for values, society, parents, family and contributes meaningfully to the natural eco-system?

The current non-stop streaming of net based media has not only affected the cognitive faculties of today’s generation but has also cluttered them with unwanted non-factual content by inimical social elements. And truly adhering to the old adage of ‘Seeing is Believing’, this generation feels that what is fed to them on social media is the truth and nothing else. The value based inner filters of right and wrong have been blown apart by this web based disruption of the mental faculties of our children. The internet based education and online classes have further compounded the issue where students have no role models to learn in the form of teachers and also no peer to peer learning leaving them vulnerable to emotional rants of their single parents in the era of nuclear families and single parents. No doubt as per WHO studies, depression has been found as the most prominent disorder in adolescents and also number 1 disability factor in the young population.

This is here that the value pillars of the nation have decided to step in. Seeing the forlorn future of young generation if not addressed in time, a team of veteran Army Officers have got together and taken upon themselves to fill the vacuum being created by e-education and busy parents in the field of valued based development of their children. The team will nurture the young minds by telling them the stories and anecdotes of determination, patriotism, team work, balance, social responsibilities and value of parents. The team has also incorporated few other role models like military leaders of United Nations who will talk about global scenarios and global responsibilities, psychologists and yoga specialists who will focus on building the young warriors into the true patriots of tomorrow.

The kids will be registered onto the already established platform of Raahgeer India at a very nominal fee which will host weekly sessions and workshops for the children. The children will also have direct access to WhatsApp based group where our experts will answer individual queries related to development of a child. The main features of the programme include:

  • Weekly story telling sessions on life and value of armed forces from all around the world.
  • Weekly sessions on personality development and societal values
  • Weekly sessions on yoga, spirituality
  • Weekly Sessions on sports and recreational activities.

The registration fees is Rs. 500/- per child and thereafter Rs100 per month which will include four sessions. One can also enroll for full year program which will cost only Rs. 5000- per child.

Register for our first free session with Col. Nikhil Sharma (Retd.) and Ms. Prachi Mishra who are defence experts and experts on beta-healing and psychology respectively.

Col. Nikhil Sharma Ms. Prachi Mishra
Retd. - Military
Cross Functional Leader
Risk & Analytics
Human Capital Development
Masters in Public Health and Psychology
Expert in Theta-Healing
Clinical Hypnotherapy

For more details:

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