Terms and conditions

There is a set code of conduct and guidelines that all members and non-members are expected to follow:

  1. Use no slang/abusive/offensive/tabooed language or words during the any of our events.
  2. Bring in no personal bias. Refrain from passing discouraging, hurtful and caustic comments to others.
  3. Restrict from speaking on topics that can instill feelings of anger, fear and hatred in other people (topics centered around religion, caste, creed, gender, race etc. should be avoided).
  4. The materials provided during the course of events are the intellectual property of Raahgeer India, which holds the copyright on them. The modules must not be copied, reproduced or used in any manner without prior permission from the management. Violation of this condition in any manner will lead to a legal suit against the party/members involved.
  5. Reproduction of materials/modules in hard copy/soft copy will attract legal action against the party involved.
  6. Photography/Videography of any event will only be carried out after prior permission of the management.
  7. Raahgeer India will not be responsible for any professional/personal dealing or business transaction of any kind between members. Any business/promotional activity during the conduct of Raahgeer India events is prohibited.
  8. The management of Raahgeer India holds the right to terminate the registration of any member on grounds of fraud, misconduct or any other suspicious behaviour.
  9. The guidelines may need to be updated/changed as per the decisions taken by the management. The members shall be informed about the same through the emails. Violation of any one or more guidelines/rulescan lead to expulsion.
  10. Members or guests cannot start any public speaking/communication/networking forum on the lines of Raahgeer India. This may attract legal action.
  11. Members are requested to mail their speeches, blogs, educator’s speech and book review to technicalraahgeerindia@gmail.com. They will be updated on the Raahgeer India website; however, the content and copyright belongs to the member. Thus, if the matter is not original, then members are requested to mention the source. The contributor of the blog will be liable for any copyright violations if they arise. Members are requested to share, comment and participate actively on social media and web posts of their colleagues at Raahgeer India.
  12. All financial dealings for conduct of events and payment to speakers will be done via cheque or net banking.
  13. The service fees as decided by the management will be final and will not be subject to any review.
  14. Any wrong information or facts mentioned during registration will be personal responsibility of the speaker and Raahgeer India will not be responsible for it to any third party. The speakers will directly be responsible for the data entered by them and are liable to legal action for infringement of regulations or intellectual property rights of third parties.

Whilst the website is secured primarily, we encourage you to use secure connection https://www.raahgeerindiaenterprises.com. You may also visit Privacy Policy and Disclaimer to know and learn more about usage, security and access guidelines for all the visitors in general.

Last updated: December 28, 2019