Skills for IAS Officer

Qualities Required in an IAS Officer

Bureaucracy in a democracy is one of its strongest pillars which holds it despite change of governments and numerous other changes including internal disturbances. Bureaucracy is the real government which runs a nation. They are at the helm of affairs and every important decision of the government is supported and implemented by them. In India, Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the premier service which represents Indian bureaucracy.

Skills Required to Crack IAS Exam

Combined Services Exam commonly known as CSE are one of the toughest exams in our country. The syllabus is huge and covers almost all subjects related to administration and common aptitude. The whole process is also long which includes preliminaries, mains and interview.

The same can be very taxing on IAS aspirants and many give up midway itself. One needs to have not only analytical mind but also nerves of steel to go on through the complete process, sometimes running into years.