Our Model

Raahgeer India Enterprises - Model

Web based and app based platform available on the website here. All speakers, consultants or guides will register on the website giving their full details in a pre-designed form. Inputs fed in by speakers will include their personal bio data, prior speeches including videos, feedback and desired fees.

Verification will be done by Raahgeer India team via sms, email and/or tele/video conferencing. Raahgeer management will forms teams of speakers depending on specialty, aptitude and geographical location. In similar manner, demand will be fed in by the seekers giving details of the institution, organization or university etc. The seekers will have the option of choosing from the pre-fed topics on the website or they can demand their custom requirements to include the target audience, types of topics required to be covered, duration and their maximum budget.

Raahgeer India will contact rural schools and institutions who need the required services for their students. The funding for them will be sought from government programs, NGOs or corporates under CSR. Government and non-Government organisations who support rural schools and populations will be encouraged to utilize services of Raahgeer India to achieve their goals of skill development of rural India.

A team will be selected by Raahgeer India to conduct the specific event. The management of Raahgeer India will monitor the event and will seek feedback from the hosts on the performance of the team. Registration of both speakers and seekers will be done free of charge. However, they will have to agree to legal terms and conditions as specified by the team management. The organisers will pay a portion of the charges as advance prior to the event and balance on completion via net banking or cheque. Payments to speakers will be made via platform of Raahgeer India.

Raahgeer India will charge fixed service fees from both parties. Raahgeer India will also post real time career guidance and information along with tools required to acquire cognitive and behavioral skills. Our experts will provide online guidance to all who access the site.