The Concept

Despite a vast pool of young population, India finds it difficult to meet the employment requirements of existing and newly formed enterprises. Few studies conducted found young graduates lacking requisite skills to be employed gainfully. Skill India has limitations in terms of its reach and scope. Thousands of schools, colleges, technical institutes and even new enterprises are looking for avenues to enhance the cognitive, behavioral and technical skills of their students / trainees.

While technical skills can be imparted in-house by these institutions, they need external support to teach cognitive and behavioral skills like teamwork, leadership, integrity, resourcefulness and handling work pressure. There is vast talent in India which can impart these skills at very affordable cost to the institutions;however, there is no connect between both.

Raahgeer India with provide technology based platform for seamless integration of the seekers with the trainers. All individuals with requisite talents in respective fields will be able to register themselves on the platform of Raahgeer India free of cost, which will enable the institutions to choose what they need from the vast repository of speakers registered with Raahgeer India.

The management will do the regulation work in terms of validating the credentials of the speakers, their charges, arrangements for conduct of the event, payment for the event and finally obtaining the feedback on each speaker and putting it back on the platform of Raahgeer India for future referencing, all for small service fees.

The company will also seek out the rural schools and institutions which are always left out from the mainstream educational techniques and services. These schools will be provided the above-mentioned services at free of cost. The funding for them will be sought by Raahgeer India from government programs, NGOs or corporates under CSR.

Raahgeer India will also be a platform to provide direct access to students, parents and corporates on tools necessary for career and life management. It will provide real time, authentic career guidance and information along with necessary inputs to acquire cognitive and behavioral skills to ensure career and life management and balance.