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The Genesis

Best English Speaking and Personality Development Course for SSB and Armed Forces aspirants

Fluent English and a refined personality are two assets which differentiate a successful candidate from the unsuccessful ones and are often the main reason of your selection or rejection in corporate world. English today is accepted as universal language and you need its basic knowledge to work anywhere in India or abroad. Most of the international organisations like United Nations and World Bank also have English as primary language.

In India, almost all interviews are conducted in English. Even if you are knowledgeable and well-read; but if you can’t put across your points to the assessing panel, they won’t be able to understand you and will most probably reject you. English is also one of the subjects in almost all central government written examinations in the country. One therefore needs to have a basic knowledge of English for success in career and life.

Along with basic fluency in English, your personality is second asset which makes a lasting impression on the assessors. A well-groomed person who has refined manners will easily be accepted not only in most of the interviews but also in social life.

Both these things are a matter of learning and practice. For good English speaking, you need to have knowledge of basic English and thereafter the practical aspects of English speaking. For personality grooming, you need to learn basic aspects like how to introduce yourself and what to speak at what stage. Both English speaking and personality development have to go hand in hand. Divorcing one from other will not give the desired results.

Most of you want to do well in life and want to improve both your English and your personality. The problem is that the online courses are non-interactive and won’t give you the required personal attention which a must for this subject. If you go for regular classroom classes, they charge you huge amount and you have to devote lot of time for it.

The Affiliated Institute

We in Raahgeer India have got maximum queries as to how to improve the English of candidates. Most of students are from poor backgrounds and can’t spend too much money on it. We have therefore after extensive research and surveys, have tied up with Akriti Development Institute who have their own niche in personality development and English speaking. The owner of the institute, Mr Rajnesh Puri is a motivational speaker and guide who has been taking regular sessions in educational institutes and training academies. The institute is running since last 10 years and have helped thousands of students for Interview Preparation, Motivational sessions and Counseling across India.

Course Conduct

This course if of two month’s duration and will have online interactive classes. The classes will be conducted on alternate days and the students will be given assignments to complete on the break days. The interactive classes will be conducted on Zoom App and Whatsapp. Recorded version of the class will be provided if someone misses a class due to exceptional reasons.

The director, MrPuri has agreed to himself take the first course on our request. Each day will be of two hours’ duration. First hour will be for interactive class and second one will be for practical session. Students will also be given access to WhatsApp business group wherein they can submit their assignments and have personal interaction with the director.

Course Program

Problem with normal English Speaking courses is that they just try to focus on grammar and prose and leave out behavioralaspects which a student requires for interacting in public and also for clearing interviews. This course is unique as it will be based on behavioral learning. You will be taught English with practical aspects. The classes have been designed as per graduated needs of students.

The course will have two modules of one month each.

Module 1:

• Personal Introduction
• Right way of Shaking Hand
• How to describe about a Person.
• Use of Auxiliary Verb
• Classical way of telling Time
• How to describe things around us
• How to describe about weather
• Degree of Adjectives
• Prepositions
• Use of frequency words
• How to tell about directions
• Tenses
• Idioms and Phrases
• Motivational stories

Module 2:

• Use of Causative Verbs.
• Types of personalities.
• Different ways to say how you are?
• Ways to encourage someone
• Different ways to ask how someone is?
• Ways to interrupt someone
• Different ways to say yes and no.
• Different ways to end a conversation politely.
• Phrases for agreeing/disagreeing.
• Phrases for invitations.
• Way to make and respond to an offer.
• Phrases for remembering,reminding &forgetting
• Talk about likes and dislikes.
• Talk about future plans.
• Ways to check if the other person understands you.
• Ways to ask for clarification.
• Ways to talk about price.
• Ways to ask for help.
• Talking about food.
• Phrases for shopping.
• Expressions about age.
• Talking about TV.
• Phrases for resolution &promises.
• Excuses for being late.
• Ways to say someone’s behavior.
• Motivational stories.

Registration and Fees

We have already received more than overwhelming response during our pre-launch of the course and hence it won’t be possible for us to accommodate all the candidates. The first course will have only 50 students. If there are more candidates who have interviews in near future, we will increase the strength of the course or run two courses concurrently.

Keeping in our motto of proving affordable quality education to students, the fess has just been kept at Rs. 2999/-. This is a promotional offer only for the first course and rates will be revised for subsequent curses. The market rates are much higher for such similar courses. The course fees in non-refundable once a course has begun.

Payment Procedure

Students can make the payment on the website of Rahgeer India at https://raahgeer.in/product/english-speaking-and-personality-development...

Or on the following Google Pay / Paytm or Phone Pay UPI ID

Or the following paytmnumber :9418060562

After making the payment, please send the receipt on the WhatsApp number 941806056. You will get confirmation and opening instructions from the institute.

Courses Calendar

Course 1 : 01Jul - 31 Aug 2020

Course 2 : 15 Jul - 15 Aug 2020