Tips on Choosing your Career

A rough guide on the considerations to be kept in mind while choosing your career is to consider all these factors in depth:

  • Area of interest. You must analyse yourself thoroughly in terms of the fields which interest you. In today’s multifarious professions, there is scope for everyone to pursue his/her interest and still earn a decent living. One must therefore be guided by his intrinsic interests rather than external considerations while choosing a career.
  • Personality. Each human being is different and has unique and special personality. One must therefore never copy others and should carve a niche for himself based on his own personality.
  • Aptitude. If you don’t have aptitude in maths or physics, you may never be able to follow engineering. On the other hand, if you have aptitude for arts, drawing or fashion, you may do well in those fields.
  • Assess your strength and weakness. One may be physically weak but may have sharp brains in computers or mathematics. Such person will be more suited in engineering or computers rather than in defence or paramilitary. One must therefore assess himself before taking a plunge in any career.
  • Skills. Some people have very pronounced skills from an early life. Some are very good at photography, maths, science while some are excellent dancers or singers. Such persons must follow their skills and chose careers which not only hone their skills but also provide them with a good living.
  • Possibility and Opportunities. This is important criteria in today’s changing technology and you must take help of experts in it. Most of the mechanical jobs which started in 1980s have been taken over by computers now. The robots are now taking place of many other manual jobs. Remember mushrooming of STD/PCOs in 1990s? They are no more there with advent of mobile telephony. One must therefore keep an eye on future while choosing a career.
  • Feasibility and guidance. The type of career choice selected by you must be feasible within your own means. One must not look for study in foreign universities if your parents can’t afford it. This won’t make anyone happy. Similarly you must opt for career choices where you can get ready guidance and support.
  • Financial aid and scholarship. This is important criteria as most of educational fields are very expensive now and you must keep your own financial condition in view. The scholarships if available can be of great help here.

Remember - in future basic degrees with specialized skills will be more valued than specialised degree with basic skills.