Dilemma of Choosing a Career Post Plus-2

The type of career one picks post class 12th is one of the most difficult and important decision in the life of both students and their parents. Although, one normally selects subjects in 11th and 12th based on his/her likely career interests, the choice is restricted by the limited worldview which a student has of myriad career opportunities which are available in today’s inter-connected world.

Even within the stream of subjects chosen by a student, the options available are so vast and immense that it takes years for one to understand them all and by the time they grasp them, it’s already too late and they are no more eligible or have already gone too far in the chosen career path.

Your Situation

The biggest dilemma facing a student post his/her class 10th is the choice of subjects which can enable him to achieve his/her career goals in life. He is however constricted by often conflicting requirements of his parents, friends, relatives and his own self-interests.

At this young age, the students often get influenced easily and don’t understand the implications of the choices they make. Its therefore important for them and their well-wishers to be fully aware of the available options in their respective streams so that they make the correct choices right in the beginning.

Pathways of the Maze

The academic choices available to a student post class 12th are akin to winding pathways of a maze wherein he has to find his way through to reach his coveted career goals. The complexities and uncertainties within this maze are so vast that he often ends up choosing a wrong path ending in time and cost overruns and ultimately frustration in life.

It’s important to understand the choices and implications of each academic path chosen by a student so that he understand where is he heading to and the final end result. Most of the times students are influenced by parents, near & dear ones or friends for making career choices. While they may seem to be right at that juncture, they may not suit their aptitude. One therefore, needs to weight all options before taking a decision.

To weed out the thorns of confusion, one first need to analyze his/her interests, hobbies, inclination, potentiality and opportunities.

  • If you choose your career based on your interest and hobby, the success rate as well as satisfaction level will be very high.
  • Donotchoosecoursesafter12thonly on the influence of friends or parents.
  • Give priority to your potential and interest andit should be the sole criteria for selecting a career.

Myriad Choices Available

Predominant Streams

  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Physics, Chemistry and Maths
  • Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology

If you just see the main headings of the career chart, you will find that one has a myriad of choices to make in whatever stream you have selected. Choosing a particular stream does not restrict your career options.

Programs to Choose from

We can divide main academic options as per the streams chosen in class 12th. For Example, If you are a commerce student, you have primarily three options:-

Diploma Program. You get a diploma from a recognized institute. The duration may range from 6months to 2 years. It’s the easiest option, mostly don’t have entrance exam and the fees is also lesser. However, the value of diploma may be lesser than a degree.

Degree Program. You pursue a degree post 12 in many fields related to commerce. Duration is 3 to 5 years and the placements post degree are generally assured.

Professional Program. This one is most sought after nowadays due to demands of the economy. You are given specialized training as per the requirement of the profession and are absorbed. Duration is 3 years and above.