Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management

People travel for a variety of purposes, including visiting relatives and friends, pilgrimage, health care, business and trade. These travels can be local, regional or international. Tourism is essentially a travel for recreation, religious, family, or business purpose for a limited duration. Travel and Tourism industry presently support around forty million jobs in India and is developing at the rate of 8% per annum. Travel and tourism infrastructure development is receiving due attention from governmental and non-governmental agencies, with a view to taping India’s vast potential for travel and tourism business. The market trends indicate that travel agencies, tour operators, tourism department of airlines, railways, shipping companies and the hospitality industry provides excellent career opportunities to well-trained professionals. The degree of versatility in our industry-intensive diploma course helps students make an immediate contribution in the job market.

A Diploma in Tourism is geared toward individuals who are interested in hospitality and travel. A diploma can lead directly into employment or prepare students to further their education in a specific branch of tourism studies.


10+2 or any other equivalent qualification with minimum 50% marks
Some of the very renowned universities and colleges conduct entrance examination for admission to the degree course.


Syllabus of Tourism and Travel Management as prescribed by various
Universities and Colleges.

Subjects of Study

· Travel & Tourism Industry

· Principles of Marketing I

· Computer Fundamentals

· Business Communication

· Introduction to Accounting I

· Introduction to Accounting II

· Tourism Management I

· Principles of Marketing II

· Communicative English

· International Tourism

· Art Heritage of India

· Organizational Behaviour

· Quality Mgmt. in Tourism

· Eco Tourism

· Tourism Management II

· Strategic Mgmt. in Tourism

· Human Resource Management

· Principles & Concepts in Hospitality Management

· Event Management

· Business Economics

· Stress Management

· Environment & Ecology

Top Colleges

· PottiSreeramulu Telugu University - PSTU, Hyderabad

· Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

· Amity Institute of Vocational and Industrial Training - AIVIT

Job Types

· Travel Agency staff

· Travel and Tourism Consultant

· Travel Agent

· Tour Operator

· Ticketing staff

· Air hostess

· Airline employee / Airport staff

  • Entrepreneur

· Tour Guide

· Customer service manager

· Event manager

· Tour manager

· Tourism promoter / marketer