B. A. Degree

Bachelor of Arts abbreviated as B.A is one of the most popular undergraduate program which stretches for a period of three years and is offered in various specialisations in almost most Indian colleges/ Universities. This program has remained more or less conventional since its inception and can be called as the most popular course in the student communities once they clear their higher secondary examinations. A variety of specialisations are available and the prospective candidates are free to choose from the various options available. According to the candidate’s personal choice, educational background and the ability to pursue the specific speciality there is an immense opportunity available for every candidate to opt for any of the available specialities.


The basic eligibility to opt for this undergraduate program is that the candidate needs to have cleared the Higher secondary examinations ( Although some Educational Institutions/ Open Universities do away with this requirement in order to boost the education level among the masses ). The program is for a period of three years and the admission procedure varies though most of them follow the standard procedure of Entrance examinations which the candidate needs to crack. The candidate’s previous academic background is also considered for admission.


Generally the various specialities can be classified as follows:

  • Languages ( The basic English and the Indian Languages and today, International Languages as well )
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • History ( with a sub sect of Archaeology )
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Social work, Sociology and Social Sciences
  • Creative Writing
  • Geography
  • Library science
  • Literature
  • Humanities

Future Prospects

Upon completion the graduates of Bachelor of Arts have a lot of choices to pursue, be it higher education or a career. While opinions differ, some of them choose to pursue a higher education in the same line and some of them choose to get a career. The Higher education option lies more or less in the same field as their specialization i.e. a B.A. ( Economics ) might choose a Masters course in Economics itself. Post their Masters graduation, the said candidates either choose a career in the private sector or the more popular government sector and civil services.

Job Opportunities:

Candidates choosing a career option immediately after their graduation mostly venture into the private sector in the chosen field of specialization.

While in the normal stream, the candidate can clear the graduation course through any number of attempts, there exists a specialized stream in the Bachelor of Arts course. This course goes by the name of B.A. ( Hons). This has been highly valued and sought after since its inception. This course is not offered by all colleges/ universities.

Top Institutions Offering this Course

Some of the top colleges/ universities whose Bachelor of Arts degree is highly values are listed below. (to name a few )

  • Lady Shriram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbau
  • Hindu College, New Delhi
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Miranda House, University College for Women
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Madras Christian College