Knowledge, Education, India

We have thousands of corporate and spiritual gurus, self-help groups, economists, environmentalists, philanthropists, personality developers, career consultants and defence experts who are ready to provide their services for a fee, however, there is no easily accessible open platform to connect them with society. Our founder realized that till the time there is seamless integration of knowledge in India between the seekers and givers, the twin goals of Skill India and Made in India which are cornerstone of our Prime Minister’s agenda, cannot be fulfilled.

While some elite groups of speakers do exist in India, they have been formed in elite Luytens setup and are too unaffordable and inaccessible for millions of schools, colleges, small scale enterprises or startups. These groups serve only the elite of the society and are not more than a mirage for mid and small towns of India which are going to lead a new India to the global stage. Our founder believes that the knowledge, behavioral and technical skills need to be passed to mid and small towns of India to make our students, collegians and workers more productive, effective and content.