National Youth Empowerment Scheme (N-YES) - Likely mandatory requirement for appearing in all Defence, Paramilitary and Police Exams


To create the leaders of tomorrow, Government is planning a massive initiative oriented towards empowering the youth. A proposed government scheme, called the National Youth Empowerment Scheme (N-YES), to train 10 lakhs young men and women every year through a training programme was discussed at a meeting called by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) in June. The scheme is aimed at students fresh out of Class X and XII or those enrolled in college, the report said, adding that it involves providing them with certain incentives, including a fixed stipend for the duration of the training programme.


Indian today has the largest population of youth in the world. It has maximum number of youngsters under 30 years of age. It is imperative to direct their energies in the right direction and make them as assets for the nation.

 India has NCC which targets youth but NCC has limited reach and aim. The objective and aims of N-YES will be broad-based and will cover the overall development of an individual.

 Aim of the Scheme

1. The aim of the scheme is to instill in the enrolled youth values of nationalism, discipline, and self-esteem.
2. This, in turn, it is envisaged will make India a "Vishwaguru".
3. This will help achieve Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of 'New India 2022'.
4. Apart from military training, the programme will teach the enrolled youth vocational and informational technology skills.
5. The youth will also be trained in disaster management.
6. Indian values will be instilled through yoga, ayurveda and ancient philosophy.

 Specific Details

1. It will be a 12-month military training programming.
2. If launched, N-YES will be made an "essential qualification" for finding employment in the defence sector, paramilitary forces and police.
3. A fixed stipend will be provided to the enrolled youth.
4. The programme is targeted at youth in rural areas and women.

 Training Areas

The participants of the N-YES program will also be taught disaster management, vocational and IT skills, Ayurveda, yoga and ancient Indian philosophy which will help them throughout their lives. The students who will take part in this program will have the edge in cracking exams for the army, paramilitary and the police. It is likely that in the days to come the government will make it an “essential qualification” to secure jobs in Defence, police and paramilitary forces. The scope of this program covers the overall development of the individual and it is a part of PM Modi’s dream of New India 2022.


The program will ensure physical as well as mental toughness of the candidates while vocational training will ensure that they do not feel left out when they choose to join the job sector. This program will most likely benefit the students coming from the rural part of India especially as it will teach them to be self-sufficient and self-reliable for the rest of their lives. Improved physical prowess will also make them better suited for any roles which they choose later in their life. This won’t be only physical training, but will aim at inculcating values as well, values which are necessary for people who keep the country secure. The will include discipline, nationalism and self-esteem.


There have been some doubts raised by the concerned officers regarding N-YES, these officers wanted the government to strengthen the existing National Cadet Corps (NCC) itself. This program though is a 12-month long programme which is more target oriented than the NCC, both can and should run simultaneously in the days to come. In the coming days all doubts posed by the officers will be laid to rest by the success of the N-YES program. PM Modi’s dream of making India a Vishwaguru again will certainly bear fruits if programs like the N-YES are implemented soon. The nation as a whole will benefit immensely from self-respecting, able and determined people who serve the country at various levels.